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Digitise and Automate admin workflows

We help healthcare providers reduce administrative work and focus more on clinical work, enabling them to improve patient outcomes.

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Our Solution

We help independent healthcare organizations streamline their operations and improve patient care by automating and optimizing routine administrative tasks and processes.

Reduce the burden of closing quality gaps

Confido makes it seamless to identify and take actionable steps on quality gaps by integrating directly into your workflow. We integrate with EHR systems to automate data entry and retrieval, minimize errors and reduce administrative burden. 

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Engage patients with less time spent in coordination

Confido automates patient communication before and after surgery so that routine patient queries get addressed proactively. We facilitate communication between healthcare professionals and patients, and other stakeholders.

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Dr. Demetrio Aguila, MD FACS

Healing Hands of Nebraska, ASC

"Confido's Sara-Engage has completely automated patient communication for us. Now patients receive a message from our clinic right when they are thinking about reaching out to us. Hence, we have become more proactive and patients love us for that."

We are HIPAA compliant. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection. 

Unburden your clinic  with Confido Health

Learn about how we can help your clinic reduce the operational burden and increase revenue.



Confido Health Inc.

34-57 82nd Street, Suite: 1G Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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