Free Trial FAQs

How do i get to know when my free trial is starting?

The first day of your workout, will be the first day of your free trial.

How do i get to know when my free trial is ending?

You'll get some information and notification from the app itself. You'll also get payment options from the app. One of our representative will reach out to you, to know your feedback and verify, wether you want to proceed with the membership.

What if i don't have continue with BurnCal after free trial?

You can simply inform that to our representative, who'd ask you for feedback and continuation of membership.

Do i have to submit any payment/card details before free trial?

No, you don't have to give any of your payment/card details before free trial, you'll make the payment once you are satisfied by the experience at BurnCal during free trial.

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Coaching FAQs

Are these 1:1 live sessions with the coach?

No, the sessions are not generally live. When you workout, you get your personalised guided workout videos, programmed by your coach in the BurnCal app. The BurnCal app interface is designed to give you a seamless workout experience. The first session is LIVE with the coach so that they understand your lifestyle and fitness goals, based on which they program your workout and nutrition plan.

How does the coach know if I am working out or not?

Your workout plan is accessible only via the BurnCal app. During the workout, you have to keep the app open and perform the exercises in a sequential manner as highlighted in the app. Based on your app usage data, the coach knows whether you did a workout or not.

How do I communicate with the coach daily? How many interactions can I have with the coach during the program?

There is no limit on the number of interactions you can have with your coach. WhatsApp is the primary mode of communication. The coaches are very responsive on WhatsApp (the average response time is less than 60 minutes). You can even schedule a call with your coach using a calendly link, wherein you can block a 15-30 min slot on their calendar when they are available. There is one compulsory call in a week, which the coach initiates from their end to discuss your weekly progress.

Do the coach modify/change my workout and nutrition program from time to time?

Yes, the coach prepares a weekly plan which gets modified every single week based on your progress and feedback from the previous week.

Will I get to select the coach myself? What is the basis of assigning the coach?

We will give you options to match you with the right coach based on the initial information we get from you. We want to ensure that you get the right coach that will help you reach your fitness goals. We don't guarantee a particular coach however we can take your preference and try to match you with them.

Can I get an offline coach from BurnCal?

No, we only give access to elite fitness coaches ONLINE.

Does BurnCal take responsibility if I get injured while working out?

No, we do not take responsibility for any/all injuries or damages that may happen during your workout or as a result of it. We encourage you to be mindful of your personal limits and to exercise without too many distractions on the right kind of surface, ensuring you're in a safe environment. Our coaches will ensure that they don't give you a plan that's beyond your physical capacity; but the ultimate responsibility for your personal wellbeing remains with you.

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Workout & Nutrition FAQs

Do I need any equipment to workout?

Not at all. In fact, for beginners we recommend only doing bodyweight exercises. As you progress on your fitness journey, our coaches recommend that you add some basic equipment like dumbbells and barbells in your workouts; but this is completely at your discretion. Equipment usage is never compulsory.

Can I work out in the gym?

You can work out anytime and anywhere. We will make a workout plan for you accordingly.

Is there a fixed time I need to workout at?

You are free to workout at your convenience, anytime through the day or night.

What is the duration of each workout?

The duration of your workout depends on your routine, capacity, and availability. Our coaches ensure that the plans are flexible enough to fit into your existing routine. Our workouts range anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes.

How many times do I have to workout every week?

This depends on your routine and availability. Our coaches ensure that the plans are flexible enough to fit into your routine. Generally, our members workout anywhere between 2 to 6 days a week.

Will my workouts get recorded while I am working out?

No, we don't record any video. We take your privacy very seriously.

How do I know if I am performing the exercise correctly?

The coach will do a LIVE fitness assessment initially where they will check your posture for some basic exercises. Based on their observations, the coach will make a workout plan which they are confident you will be able do with correct posture. If you have trouble with any new exercise, the coach will ask you to record your video and send it to them so they can guide you with the right posture.

Do I get a nutrition plan as well?

Yes, we give a nutritional guideline that takes into account the total calories you have to consume along with the break up of macros. We are pretty flexible with where you get those macros from. We do, however, send an indicative diet plan which you can use to fullfill your macros.

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Memberships FAQs

Can I pause my membership?

Yes, in case of a genuine emergency, we allow our members to pause their membership for a maximum of 7 days in case of a 1-month membership, 15 days in case of a 3-month membership, and 30 days in case of a 6-month membership.

Is there a referral program?

Yes, there is a referral program that can be accessed from the app. The person who makes the referral gets a 1-week extension on their fitness membership, and the person being referred gets one month free trial with the Guest Pass.

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BurnCal Coaches FAQs

Are the coaches at BurnCal certified?

Yes, all the BurnCal Coaches are certified by premium institutes from across the world.

What is the minimum qualification of the coaches at BurnCal?

The coaches have good interpersonal skills, necessary certification in the workout and nutrition field, and experience with training clients offline and online.

I want to join BurnCal as a coach, how do I proceed?

We are always on the lookout for amazing coaches. Please send an email to along with your CV.

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