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Confido works with private surgical clinics and ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) to streamline patient engagement workflows. We support all major EHRs.

Confido's Sara-Engage makes it seamless for clinicians to effortlessly engage patients and streamline communication while minimizing the time and resources spent on coordination and query management.

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Workflow Builder

Confido’s Sara-Engage template builder empowers clinicians to customize patient engagement workflows by defining communication touchpoints pre and post-surgery.

Assign Workflow

After building the surgery template, clinicians can easily assign patients to a specific upcoming surgery, streamlining the workflow and ensuring patients receive the necessary communications automatically.

Send Messages

Patients receive personalized text messages from the clinic’s
designated phone number, ensuring clear and direct communication throughout their care journey.

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Complete Automation for Clinic

Integration with multiple

Enhanced Referrals

Reduce time and save clicks to figure out scattered data in EHR

Proprietary technology to
connect with any EHR 

Higher patient satisfaction
results in more referrals

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