About us

BurnCal is a breakthrough fitness product that empowers individuals to acknowledge and improve their health in a more personalized and engrossing way. By combining human expertise with machine intelligence we are building the highest retention fitness product ever to ensure all our members a sustainable fitness journey.

Our Mission

Fitness is a fundamental need of every human being. It changes the way we feel and makes us active in our daily life. We at BurnCal, are making people fit. Success for us means people with more energy, less stress, fewer injuries, and a world free from diseases caused by poor lifestyles.

Values we live by

Be empathetic always.

We never know what the other person is going through. Hence, always try to step in their shoes and see the world from their lens. This helps us develop a deeper bond with customers and colleagues.

There is only one boss - Customer

We don’t work for the company or the manager, we work for the customer. Hence, always put your customer first when taking a decision.

Take risks, be open to failure.

We won’t know what will work unless we don’t experiment. Some experiments will work, and some will fail. During failure, get back up quickly and learn from the mistakes.

We over me, always.

Success and failure are not attributed to an individual or a department. We are all equally responsible for every success and failure of the company.

Meet the Team

Empowered people, empowering people!

Anik Agarwal
Co-founder, Growth
Chetan Reddy
Co-founder, Fitness
Kunal Agarwal
Co-founder, Technology
Vichar Shroff
Co-founder, Product
Ananyo Rao
Animesh Sahoo
Heman Walia
Mahesh Arangil
Mihir Joshi
Product & Growth
Mit Mehta
Growth & Operations
Murtaza Khalil
Product & Design
Vinayak Gupta
Product, Growth & Design

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