Pre and post patient care automation

Digitise and Automate admin workflows

We help healthcare providers reduce administrative work and focus more on clinical work, enabling them to improve patient outcomes


Unified solution for
pre and post patient visit

Patient appointment

Patient digital
intake process

Patient post
visit follow ups

Patient Triaging

Patient appointment self-scheduling

Book appointments by looking up your preferred doctor and their available time slots which is auto synced with clinic EHR

Patient digital Intake process

Process patient intake process digitally by filling the forms and collecting the patient documents before the patient visit so that:
- Clinic saves on paper costs
- Patient saves the time in clinic waiting rooms

Patient post visit follow-ups

Follow up on patient health and parameters post clinic visit. Remind patients on taking the right medicines on time.
Remind patients of any follow-up appointments.

Patient Triaging

Automatically triage patient queries to the relevant staff members based on urgency.

Why clinics are turning to Confido

Integration with EHR

Integrates seamlessly with your EHR. No additional screen for your clinic.

No login required for your patients.

No app or login required for your patients.

Paperless intake process

All the details are collected digitally from the patient prior to their visit, saving on the clinic paper cost and patient reception wait times.

EHR integrations we support

Seamlessly integrate
with your existing EHR

and many more...

Unburden your clinic front office with Confido.

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