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Authorization to Use and Disclose Protected Health Information

Confido Health Inc. uses Short Messaging Service (“SMS“) to exchange your health information between you and your healthcare provider. To protect your protected health information (“PHI“), we will follow federal and state privacy laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and regulations (“HIPAA“). Collectively, these laws are termed as “Privacy Rules.” 

‍PHI That Will Be Used/Disclosed:
‍1. Medical information about your medical history and present/past appointments.
2. Your responses to text messages received by Confido Health service.

‍Purposes For Which Your PHI Will Be Used/Disclosed:
‍We will use and share your PHI only with your care providers and any other individuals you consent to release your information to. We will use and share your PHI to provide you with appointment related information and follow up care management. We will also use and share your PHI to conduct our normal business operations. If you leave our platform, we may use your non-personally identifiable information for software improvement and any other business-related operations.

‍Use And Disclosure Of Your Information That Is Required by Law:
‍We will use and disclose your PHI when we are required to do so by law. This includes laws that require us to report child abuse or abuse of elderly or disabled adults. We will also comply with legal requests or orders that require us to disclose your PHI. These include subpoenas or court orders.

‍Authorization To Use PHI Is Required To Participate:
‍By consenting to this authorization, you give us permission to use and share your PHI as described in this document. If you do not sign this form, then you may not receive text messages from our platform.

‍Expiration Of Your Authorization:
‍Your PHI will be used until your enrollment on our platform ends. If any data is used post-enrollment, it will be de-identified prior to use.

‍Revoking Your Authorization:
‍At any time later you may revoke (take back) permission to allow the Confido Health team to use your information. If you want to do this, you must contact our team via email:
‍At that point, no more of your PHI would be collected or transmitted via text message. Confido Health may use or disclose the information you already gave so they can follow the law, protect your safety, or make sure that the collected data is correct. If you revoke your authorization, you will not be able to stay on the platform.

‍Contact Information:
‍Contact Confido Health's legal team at if you have any questions about usage of our platform or questions about management of your PHI or protection of your privacy.

‍If you consent to the above information and Confido Health transmitting PHI and any other health information over SMS, email, or phone, to and from the Confido Health platform, please respond ‘Y’ or ‘Yes’ to the last message you received from this phone number.

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