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Frequently asked Questions

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Do I have to give any payment details to start free trial?

No, you don't have to give any card details for the free trial. You'll
make the payment after the trial ends and only if you are satisfied
by the experience.

How does the coach know if I am working out or not?

Your workout plan is accessible only via the BurnCal app. During the workout, you have to keep the app open and perform the exercises in a sequential manner as highlighted in the app. Based on your app usage data, the coach knows whether you did a workout or not.

Are these 1:1 live sessions with the coach?

No, the sessions are not generally live. When you workout, you get your personalized guided workout videos, programmed by your coach in the BurnCal app. The BurnCal app interface is designed to give you a seamless workout experience. The first session is LIVE with the coach so that they understand your lifestyle and fitness goals, based on which they program your workout and nutrition plan.

How do I communicate with the coach daily? How many interactions can I have with the coach during the program?

There is no limit on the number of interactions you can have with your coach. WhatsApp is the primary mode of communication. The coaches are very responsive on WhatsApp (the average response time is less than 60 minutes). You can even schedule a call with your coach using a calendly link, wherein you can block a 15-30 min slot on their calendar when they are available. There is one compulsory call in a week, which the coach initiates from their end to discuss your weekly progress.

Can I get an offline coach from BurnCal?

No, we only give access to elite fitness coaches ONLINE.

Does BurnCal take responsibility if I get injured while working out?

No, we do not take responsibility for any/all injuries or damages that may happen during your workout or as a result of it. We encourage you to be mindful of your personal limits and to exercise without too many distractions on the right kind of surface, ensuring you're in a safe environment. Our coaches will ensure that they don't give you a plan that's beyond your physical capacity; but the ultimate responsibility for your personal wellbeing remains with you.

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